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Updated 18th August 2002

This website and its content (text/images/audio/video/code) must not be copied , or redistributed without full written consent of the copyright holder. Screenshots for whatever reason are also not permitted.
If you believe an item on this site is an infringement of your copyright you must notify us immediately using the commments form including details of what page the item is on and why you believe it to infringe your rights.

SouthportNews.com has zero tolerance to spam and unsolicited commercial emails (UCE).
You must not use email addresses published on this site for advertising purposes.
There is a standard charge of 50 per UCE received and we will persue for payment.
We do not need cheap viagra, badly spelt mortgages or lonely housewives thankyou.
If you have a serious business proposition please use the contact form

As of May 31st 2002 a comments form has been provided through which any complaint you have (concerning this website) must be submitted.
If you have any complaint you must use the form provided and inform us directly. We aim to deal with complaints within 24 hours or less. Complaining about this website to anyone else in a slanderous or defamatory manner could result in litigation being brought against you. Apologies if that sounds harsh but we cannot possibly resolve issues that we have not been informed about!

Privacy policy
We do not pass any information on to third parties.
We store and log the path a visitor takes through our site(s).
We log all searches performed which helps us decide what content to add to the site when it is next updated.
Any information you submit will not be made public unless it is stated on the form through which the information was submitted.
We may store personal information for the purpose of issuing invoices only.
We may use members email addresses to contact them from time to time. If you wish us not to contact you please alter your newsletter settings listed under 'My details'.

Chat room
The site aims to be suitable for family viewing so please mind your language when in the chat room. We do run an automatic censorship system which will blank out common swear words and also deletes domain names if you attempt to advertise unsavoury websites.

Classified adverts
Only private sales are allowed, no illegal or stolen goods.
The site is suitable for family viewing so you must keep the language clean, we do run censorship code which may automatically throw you out of the site if you offend it! Please be aware that attempting to break the page or site by deliberately entering script or meta tag code into forms will result in suspension of your membership and barring from this website.
Any attempt to use the site to post,advertise or promote illegal materials or activities and any hacking attempts will be reported to the relevent authorities which includes your ISP and the police.

Event calendar
Members are authorised to access the facility for the purpose of posting notice of a genuine local event.
Misuse or bad language will get you barred and a complaint will be sent to your ISP.
Only plaintext is allowed.

Advertisers are trusted to adhere to the relevant laws when uploading banners or modifying their advert details. Misuse or abuse of the service resulting in complaint wil incur a 50 administration fee and possible legal action.

This site uses cookies for the following purposes:
To aid visitor counting.
To track user sessions so that their use of the site is kept secure.
We log the path a visitor takes through the site so that we can keep the site up to date, efficient and useful.
Any information given by yourself will not be passed on to third parties. If you have cookies disabled you will not be able to log in.

Free SMS service
The service is provided free to registered site members. you must not use the service to send abusive or harassing messages All messages sent are recorded both by us and the provider of the SMS gateway we use so that abuse may be traced.
We DO NOT and WILL NOT pass on your details to any third parties - some other providers of free SMS services do, make sure you read the terms and conditions!
If you receive an abusive message from one of our members we will cooperate fully with any legal action you wish to take against them.

Instant Info service
'Instant Info' describes the service of sending information about nightclubbing events to a mobile phone via SMS text messaging.
Your details will not be passed on to third parties although a third party may request that we send information about their services to you. You will only be sent information between the hours you have selected Monday to Saturday.
If you wish at any time to be unsubscribed from this free information service, please log in and change the options listed under 'My details'.

My Webcam
You are 100% legally responsible for images served by your webcam.
We will terminate membership of anyone who misuses the service.
The service is free for use by individuals.
For commercial use please contact us for further information.

The service is provided 'as is'. It is your responsiblity to keep backup copies of any text, images or other content.
Any content submitted becomes copyright of SouthportNews.com.
We reserve the right to suspend or remove sites we deem unsuitable.

We make every reasonable effort to provide all our services, whether free or paid for, in a timely and accurate manner. For paid services our liability is limited to the invoice total minus costs and an administration fee which may vary depending on the service and agreed duration of service provided. We accept no liablility for losses incurred due to any information on, or your use of, this website.

We reserve the right to suspend your membership or rights to access the site for any reason we see fit.

Trademarks The following terms are global marks of "SouthportNews" which is the personal and intellectual property of J.P.Lee.
"SouthportNews", "SouthportClubs" ,"Instant Info", "From the page to your mobile in moments", "The local search engine for Southport".
Any infringements will be reported to the relevent authorities.
We will take all legal action possible to protect this site and its associated trademarks.

Any amendment of the terms and conditions will be posted on this page.
By use of the site or facilities provided by this site you agree to be bound by these terms.

If you have any problems with this website tell the technical team

All content (text/images/audio) copyright. Any replication is forbidden.
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