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Southport In Virtual Reality

If your browser supports VRML you should be able to wonder around Southport in 3D.
The VRML below was generated directly from information
stored in the SouthportNews.com search engine database.

If nothing appears above, you might not have VRML capabilities.
Various VRML plugins are available: Cosmo or Blaxxun Here as some other websites with VRML you can play with

How this was done.
Place data was sourced from the existing database records
Road and rail data was collated into the database using a bespoke program written in Delphi which allowed nodes and lines of different types to be drawn onto a map image (of known position and size )and then inserted into a MySQL database running on a seperate machine.
THe VRML world is built from the 'live' data, although the version available online has been statically built for speed.

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