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Picture of Fox and Goose in Southport Re-opened.
Serves food in the day.
Has two pool tables.
Thursday: Quiz night
Saturday: Live local bands
Every other day is karaoke day!
8 cable street
Tel.: 01704 501894
Syphon Filter,Saturday 3rd Feb 2007 Syphon Filter,Saturday 3rd Feb 2007
Syphon Filter,Saturday 3rd Feb 2007 Monday night at the Fox' is band night so go and check out the talent.
The last band of the night on the 29th July ,'Sheldon' brought life into the dusty dinosaur of rock with a set of wall shaking tracks.
Plenty of Humour in there too: "I'd like to dedicate this to my girlfriend but I don't have one so I'll do it anyway".
This band rocked.
"Bob the builder!", more karaoke "Let's do the time warp again..."
Karaoke night. I don't know what they were singing but it got these two going. Mostly happy people in the Fox and Goose.

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