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About the webcam facilities provided to site members

(Available from 20th August 2002)

SouthportNews.com has the only free live video chat room in Southport!
If you have a webcam you can now use it in the chatroom.
You will first need to sign up as a member of SouthportNews.com

The 'My webcam' facility is based upon a custom written
ActiveX plugin which works in Internet Explorer.
Click here for more information about the plugin.
The plugin has been tested with a Creative labs webcam (Model PD0040)
running on windows 98 and using Internet Explorer 6.
The webcam viewer has been tested on IE6 over MS Win98 and Netscape over KDE(linux)
  • Plug in your webcam and ensure that it works with the software it came with.
  • Quit any applications that use the webcam.
  • Click 'My webcam' under the Members menu.
  • A window will popup into which the plugin will load
    (first time may take up to a minute on a 56K modem, will be instant after that)
  • When prompted, select 'Yes' to install and enable the plugin.
  • When the plugin has downloaded click 'Init Cam'
  • The realtime video from the camera should appear in the window
  • Check the box marked 'Online' -
    the plugin will contact the southportnews.com site and registers your webcam as 'live'.
  • When your webcam is live you will be listed in the chat room under 'live webcams'
  • When the link is clicked a window pops up and will show what your camera is looking at.
  • Remember to uncheck the 'online' box when you want to go offline!
    Conditions of use
  • Your computer is the originator of the video,
    the video images do not pass through our server whatsoever
    so anything you do is 100% your legal responsibility.
  • No nudity, or lewd acts!
    This is not an 'adult' chatroom and it is certainly not private.
  • Inappropriate use will land you in deep doo-doo so behave.
  • The standard website terms and conditions also apply.
More details on using the webcam plugin
The two main controls are the "Init Cam" button and the 'Online' checkbox.
The small textbox shows how many images have
been served since the cam was initialised.
Clicking 'Init Cam' opens your video capture device,
if you have more than one device then it will
connect to the first one you installed.
You can right click on the video image to pop up a menu
The menu items are 'Settings', 'Process', and 'Stats'.
selecting 'Settings' allows you to change settings such as brightness,colour etc
(The options available depend on your video individual capture device)
The 'stats' menu option switches the display to show list of active connections.
It shows IP of viewers, how many images they've requested and the total number of bytes sent to them.
To get out of the stats page , rightclick and untick 'stats'
While viewing the stats page, the webcam image will not be updated.

    In order to use your webcam in the chatroom
  • You must have a webcam or video capture device properly installed on your PC.
  • Your webcam should be able to capture at 320*240 pixels.
  • You'll probably need at least 400Mhz CPU speed.
  • Your computer must be connected directly to the internet with a fully qualified IP address.
  • Your firewall software must allow 'CamClientProj' to serve on port 90 and make requests on port 80.
  • Your ISP must allow you to use a webcam.

If you have any problems with this website tell the technical team

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